About ACE


I passionately believe that young people should have access to outstanding drug education. This allows them the opportunity to build resilience and to have the ability to make informed decisions about their substance use both now and in the future.

Amy Carter Education (ACE) Drug Training was established to enable all young people, regardless of their individual circumstances, the ability to have good quality, age appropriate and informative drug training. With over 8 years of experience delivering drug education through a statutory service I've seen first hand the  positive impact preventative education can have on young people.

ACE Drug Training was also developed to ensure any professional coming into contact with young people, regardless of their position or experience, had appropriate and relevant knowledge around substances. Its crucial staff have the ability to manage disclosures and issues safely, calmly, appropriately and confidently in a way that effectively safeguards the young people involved.

Having consulted with a range of professionals it quickly became clear a large proportion of them felt there was a gap in their knowledge and they lacked confidence in dealing with questions and issues. These professionals include teachers, social workers, foster carers, lunch time staff, police officers, teaching assistant's and those in supporting roles.

Parents and professionals sometimes have concerns that drug education may encourage substance use amongst young people. Statistics in fact show that targeted early interventions give young people the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions - this is a powerful way to build their resilience.

ACE's style of delivery is informal yet informative and ensures the correct messages are delivered to the target audience.

Amy Carter