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Corporate Responsibility (Drugs and Alcohol) Training

ACE Drug Training works with businesses across the UK to support their Social Responsibilities. ACE seeks to add value to an organisation's activities, by ensuring they have a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy.

Drug and alcohol use, whether recreational or problematic, can have a huge impact on businesses. Employee wellbeing and safety can be compromised whilst an employee is under the influence, suffering from the after effects or in need of substances. Drugs and alcohol use can also have a huge impact on productivity;

In 2012 a report from the National Treatment Agency claims that the cost to industry from illegal drug use is £800 million each year. Furthermore, the Government’s “Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England” (Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit) says that “alcohol misuse among employees costs up to £6.4 billion in lost productivity. (Richard Cross)

So where does ACE Drug Training come in?

As a potential new corporate partnership, our support could be vital to you being able to achieve your aims of supporting and developing your management staff to understand the impact drugs and alcohol have on both the employee and the service.

In brief the training we offer;

ª Looks in depth at what drugs are, the effects and the law

ª Ensures employees are confidently able to spot signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use

ª Ensures employees feel confident when raising the issue of drug and alcohol with colleagues and are effectively able to signpost.

ª Interventions employees can deliver

ACE Drug Training have so far delivered this training to a leading luxury car manufacturer, universities, large engineering firms, insurance firms, dental practises, council workers, NHS staff and more.

If you would like to discuss this further, or for more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.